Sea Traders S.A. has identified safety and the environment as two key areas in its sphere of operations.

The company is committed to maintaining the highest standards of Health, Safety, & Quality Assurance, for our customers and employees, as well as for the community and the environment.

Loyal towards these goals, the Company has managed to outperform industry’s standards and all vessels are rewarded with highest ratings in the Rightship rating system.

In addition, the Company’s aim is to supply its customers with services which consistently exceed their needs and expectations and are of the highest possible standard.

The company's core policies outperform the industry standards through the adoption of ISO standards (14001, 9001) and are continually revised to meet the evolving requirements.

Technical Management

The technical management of the fleet is carried out by qualified and experienced personnel with technical backgrounds, from ex-Chief Engineers with practical experience to university graduates in relevant fields who provide the required theoretical and analytical skills. All of them ensure that the vessels are operating well above the Company's Management System (CMS), class requirements and all other applicable rules and regulations.

The company's attention to technical management is verified by healthy statistics concerning performance claims and offhire.

All vessels are classified with first class Societies such as ABS, DNV, NKK, BV & LRS.

Commercial Management

Sea Traders S.A. services all of its management and operational requirements in-house. The fleet is operated by well-trained professionals with seagoing experience and extensive knowledge of all aspects of life at sea who thoroughly prepare and coordinate the vessels for safe voyages, transits, loadings and discharges. When required they also ensure that charterers are advised on the most economical and safe voyage planning.

The Company's staff is dedicated to monitoring the performance of the vessels in order to meet its contractual obligations and to satisfy their clients.

Although the Company's operational headquarters are based in Athens, Greece, it utilizes eight (8) more offices established in Fujairah, Manila, Bombay, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Karachi and Singapore for operations, repairs, maintenance, technical assistance, crewing and training.

Management is direct and continuous communication on a 24-hour basis.


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